Colonel Sir Augustus Farthingdale appears in Sharpe's Enemy, an English aristocrat who wants to make a name for himself in Spain.
Sir Augustus published a book on army procedure without ever having set foot on a battlefield.

When his connections force Wellington to rescue Farthingdale's wife from the deserters who have captured her, Nairn assigns Sharpe and the Light Company to deliver the ransom. Farthingdale disapproves of the choice of Sharpe for the mission, and Sharpe returns without the woman, whom he had not seen, but with information on where they were being held, and so planned a rescue.

Accompanied by Sir Augustus, the Light Company and Rocket troops return to the Gateway of God fortifications and successfully rout the deserter army to rescue the women being held. When the French also arrive, Sir Augustus disagrees with Sharpe's idea of staying and fighting, Sharpe reminds Farthingdale that his newly rescued 'wife' is Josefina Lacosta, is all ready married to another, and a woman of his intimate acquaintance. For his silence, Farthingdale turns over command to Sharpe.


Refered to as 'Fartingdale,' by Patrick Harper, he informed Sharpe that the Colonel was spreading money around 'like snuff at a wake to dig up the dirt' on Sharpe.