Simone Joubert was a native of Ile de France, an island known to the English as Mauritius, located four hundred miles east of Africa, and the only decent French navel base in the Indian Ocean. She was the port captain's daughter, and was raised by a Welsh governess, learning both French and English as a child.

At 16, she was tall, pretty, blue eyed, and was courted by a French officer on his way to India, where he was to be an advisor. Bored, she allowed herself to be dazzled by his tales of the fortunes to be made in India, and was swept away, expecting a marriage of parties, jewels, silks, and dancing. The reality was that Captain Pierre Joubert was a timid man who sent most of his earnings home to a large impoverished family, and saved the rest for a comfortable retirement while his wife lived in poverty. She was again bored and unhappy.

When the British took the city of Ahmednnugger, much more quickly than anticipated, she found herself threatened by riotous sepoys. Sergeant Richard Sharpe beat his way through the troops to rescue her, he told her that Simone was a pretty name, and that she'd be all right. He took her back to her rooms, bullied the landlord into behaving, and asked her help in concealing his hoard of small gems in the linings and seams of his coat with her sewing skills. He gifted her with eight small diamonds and stayed the night with her.

She was then escorted behind enemy lines and returned to her husband. After William Dodd murdered Captain Joubert, she returned to Seringapatam with Sharpe who gave her another small handful of jewels to live on and keep safe while he was away.

Just before Gawilghur in 1803, he heard from a friend that she had gone to a fortune teller, and immediately thereafter, had left India bound for Louisiana in America. She had taken Sharpe's jewels with her and left no word behind.