Sharpe is a series of British television movie dramas based on the Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell.

Cooper, Perkins, Sharpe, Harper, Hagman, Harris: Sharpe's Rifles

The first movie was Sharpe's Rifles released in 1993.  While the majority of the movies were based upon the novels written by Cornwell, there were a handful  which were original teleplays written exclusively for the screen, only one of which, Sharpe's Gold, borrowed the title of one of the novels. In this one instance, the screenplay and the novel which shared a title did not have any similarities in plot or story at all. The other original movies were Sharpe's Challenge, Sharpe's Justice, Sharpe's Mission, and Sharpe's Peril, none of which have equivalents among the novels.

List of episodes[]

Date Aired Episode Name Setting Date Set
1993 Sharpe's Rifles Retreat to Corunna 1809
1993 Sharpe's Eagle Battle of Talavera 1809
1994 Sharpe's Company Siege of Badajoz 1812
1994 Sharpe's Enemy Defense of Portugal 1812
1994 Sharpe's Honour Battle of Vitoria 1813
1995 Sharpe's Gold
1995 Sharpe's Battle Franco-Spanish Border 1813
1995 Sharpe's Sword Franco-Spanish Border 1813
1996 Sharpe's Regiment England 1813
1996 Sharpe's Siege Bordeaux 1813
1996 Sharpe's Mission France 1813
1997 Sharpe's Revenge 1814
1997 Sharpe's Justice Peace of 1814 1814
1997 Sharpe's Waterloo Battle of Waterloo 1815
2006 Sharpe's Challenge India 1803 & 1817
2008 Sharpe's Peril India 1817