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Sharpe's Waterloo
Chosen Men: Richard Sharpe
Patrick Harper
Daniel Hagman
Enemy: Napoleon Bonaparte
Prince William of Orange
Setting: Belgium
Broadcast: 1997
Format: 100 minutes
Based on: Sharpe's Waterloo
Preceded by: Sharpe's Justice
Followed by: Sharpe's Challenge

Sharpe's Waterloo was the fourteenth TV movie based on the Sharpe series, and was broadcast in 1997. It was intended that this story would be the last Sharpe, but the series was revived for Sharpe's Challenge. Waterloo was the last Sharpe movie to be set in Europe.

It was notably the second episode to feature Napoleon (first being Sharpe's Honour), who played a major role in the story.


As Napoleon Bonaparte sets out for war, so does Richard Sharpe, unwilling to let the fight finish without seeing him...

Cast and characters[]