Sharpe's Gold is a television movie broadcast on ITV in 1995.
Sharpe's Gold is the sixth TV movie based on the Sharpe series, and was filmed in 1995.


Sharpe is introduced to a young Irish woman, Ellie Nugent, who has come to Spain in search of her missing father. Ellie's father disappeared on the trail of Aztec gold believed to be hidden in the area and, despite Wellington's orders to the contrary, she and her mother are determined to find him.


The plot of the film is so wildly divergent from that of the novel, there is no real comparison. Only two small scenes at the beginning were borrowed from the book, but otherwise was completely unrelated. Rather than dealing with a very important shipment of gold coin held by a Spanish partisan, el Catalico, the film takes bizarre flights of fancy bordering on the ridiculous with Lord Wellington's female relations wandering about a war zone without escort, mention of ship wrecks (in the mountains), Spaniards claiming Aztec descent, Sharpe turning a blind eye to deserters, and a death cult led by a partisan, El Casco.

Note: It was the last time Rifleman Cooper appeared in the series.

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  • Written by: Nigel Kneale
  • Executive Producers: Ted Childs, Malcolm Craddock and Muir Sutherland
  • Produced by: Simon Lewis
  • Directed by: Tom Clegg
  • Music by: Dominic Muldowney and John Tams


  • Year: 1994
  • BBFC Classification: 12
  • Catalogue Number: 37115 02743

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