Parry Jenkins
Medium: Novels
Nationality: Welsh
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Rifles, Sharpe's Eagle, Sharpe's Gold, Sharpe's Sword
"I'm sorry, sir. God, I'm sorry sir."
Come on, Parry. Not your fault."
— Sharpe and Jenkins over the death of Tongue

Parry Jenkins is a rifleman who served in the 95th Rifles, and a Chosen Man. He first appeared in Sharpe's Rifles. He was described as "five feet four inches of Welsh loquaciousness" (Sharpe's Gold).


Jenkins is a Welshman who could have made Sergeant (Sharpe's Rifles), but Sharpe suspected he lacked the necessary ruthlessness. He always listened to Lieutenant Richard Sharpe, and never disobeyed orders. He seems to be good friends with fellow Riflemen Tongue and Harvey. After the retreat to Corunna, during the battle of Santiago de Compostela, Jenkins and Harvey were given the order to shoot the French Officer, a cuirassier, who nearly killed Sharpe, just as Major Blas Vivar's forces arrived in Santiago de Compostala. He survived the battle and become one of Sharpe's Chosen Men.

He later participated in the battle at Talavera. By then he was one of only twenty Riflemen surviving from the retreat to Corunna. He partnered with Tongue as they set out on the mission to findEl Catolico. They found Moreno's house, with the help of Major Kearsey, they managed to rescue hostages, although Corporal Kelly was mortally wounded, and Cresacre was shot in the thigh. After the saving of saving Teresa and Ramon Moreno, and after the attack at Casatejada, they set out again. With the help of McGovern and Tongue, he tells the location of the hostages captured by the French.

They took part in a skirmish where his friend and partner Tongue was killed. Jenkins was in tears, but Sharpe told Jenkins none of it was his fault. Jenkins had to move on from his comrade's death, eventually during the destruction of Almeida, Sharpe managed to have a final showdown with El Catolico on the roof and they ignite a powder magazine which destroys the garrison, Jenkins survives the mission.

He also participated during the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Siege of Badajoz (Sharpe's Company), when Captain Rymer bought a captaincy in Sharpe's Company, Sharpe was demoted to Lieutenant. Jenkins was ordered by Hakeswill to dig a trench along with the other Chosen Men, and when the French attacked and Rymer did nothing, Sharpe leads his men including Jenkins into battle.

Soon thereafter, Hagman confronted Hakeswill witnessed by Jenkins, when they were ordered to wear redcoats and turn in their green jackets. Sharpe saw Jenkins and the others, misery in their faces, stripped of all their pride along with their green jackets.

During the battle, Sharpe was ordered to guide he various regiments into their positions, during that job he rejoins his regiment which got devastated by the French cannon fire. Windham bravely tried to lead his men into the breach, and when Sharpe reaches his company, Hagman told Sharpe he saw Captain Rymer killed in action. Sharpe, Lieutenant Harry Price, Harper, Hagman, Jenkins, Roach, Peters, Clayton, and Cresacre charged into Badajoz after Sharpe took command of his company again.

In Sharpe's Sword Jenkins, Sharpe, Harper, and Hagman where part of a group sent to capture ColonelPhilippe Leroux. He participated in the Battle of Salamanca where Sharpe was wounded. He managed to survive and Sharpe defeated Leroux, Jenkins presumably went onto fight with Sharpe to the Defence of Tormes.

Jenkins was not mentioned in Skirmish, Enemy, Honour, Regiment, Christmas, Siege, or Revenge.

Parry Jenkins never appeared in the TV Series adaptions.


  • Jenkins loved going fishing.