James Rothschild
Medium: Television, Book
Also known as: Mrs Parker
Rank: Banker
Appearances: Sharpe's Rifles
Actor: Kerry Shale
In the television movie Sharpe's Rifles, Wellesley has no money to pay his men; however, he has arranged for a loan from the Rothschild bank. James Rothschild has set out from Vienna with a badly needed bank draft, but is overdue. Sharpe, and a company under Major Dunnett are sent out to search for him. While Sharpe and his men are out scouting ahead, the company is surprised and all but wiped out by enemy cavalry, with only Perkins and a gravely wounded Captain Murray surviving.

The band takes refuge in a deserted farm where Captain Murray succumbs to his wounds. The rest are taken unawares by a band of Spanish guerrillas led by Commandante Teresa Moreno and Major Blas Vivar. The groups unite and they then encounter the Parkers, a Methodist missionary couple, and their niece.

When Sharpe finally reports back to Wellesley, the general expresses his disappointment that Sharpe did not find Rothschild, Sharpe pulls the wig off "Mrs. Parker," who is the banker in disguise.

Rothschild, amused, asked what gave him away. Sharpe explained he had heard the man speak Yiddish when he thought Sharpe asleep, he refused the pork offered for a meal, and he smelled of tobacco not available in Spain. Rothschild applauded and presented Wellesley with his bank draft.