Father Curtis
Medium: Television, Book, Reality
Also known as: el Mirador
Nationality: Irish
Rank: Priest
Appearances: Sharpe's Sword Sharpe's Sword (TV Movie)
Actor: John Kavanagh
"Now that's what I call a priest!"
— Patrick Harper

Father Curtis under nom de guerre of El Mirador is a priest and spymaster for Wellington.


In Sharpe's Sword, he is a 72 year old Irish priest serving as Wellington's number one spy in Spain. Curtis once fought with Spain against the British, but altered his allegiance, and fights with Britain and Spain against France; he considers Napoleon a bully.

A master swordsman, doctor of theology, healer, and spymaster, Father Curtis finds himself on Napoleon's hit list. French spy, Colonel Leroux has discovered his identity and is on his way to kill him, and Leroux has a nasty reputation, he is said to peel the skin off victims to obtain information. His victims always tell him what he wants to know.

In Sharpe's Sword, when Sharpe is recovering from a near fatal wound, Curtis approaches him to share newly obtained information: Sharpe's lover, Helene, is Leroux's sister.

Sharpe had been allowed by her to think she was el Mirador, but finally realizes that it is Curtis who is the British spy, and Helene was working for the French. Between Sharpe feeding Helene disinformation, and the theft of Father Curtis' book of correspondents, the priest is spared a visit from Leroux.


In the television movie, Sharpe discovers the identity of El Mirador in time, thanks to Harris, and manages to prevent the planned assassination, catching up with Leroux after a chase across the battlefield.

At the film's end, father Curtis marries Harper and Ramona.