Anne Comoynes
Medium: Television, Book, TV
Also known as: Dowager Countess Camoynes
Nationality: English
Rank: Countess
Appearances: Sharpe's Regiment

The Dowager Countess Anne Camoynes appears in Sharpe's Regiment.

She is forced into Lord Fenner's bed by his ownership of all the debts he late husband had run up, and her only mission was to protect her son at all costs.

She seduces Sharpe on the orders of Lord Fenner, and is struck by his gentleness. She then becomes involved in assisting him in his efforts to expose the irregularities perpetrated by Fenner, whom she wishes to destroy, and Sir Henry Simmerson in selling soldiers rather than properly recruiting them to their unit.

More knowing of the ways of such men than the forceful and straightforward Sharpe, it is she who actually turns up the ledgers and letters between Fenner and Simmerson exposing the whole of the scheme, and arrives at the Horse Guards just as Fenner is about to break Sharpe. She tells Sharpe to make his demands and Fenner will meet them. 

Sharpe gives her a token, and she calls him an alley cat. It was later understood that Lord Fenner had left office and it is assumed he had also settled all her debts and paid her handsomely.